My “recipe for success” has produced successful results for hundreds of dogs. Together, we will teach your dog things you had no idea he was capable of learning. You will obtain an obedient, trustworthy, and calmer companion for the rest of your lives. Sure, a reliable dog makes your life easier, but more importantly your dog’s life just got a lot better.

Why? Because when you are washing your car in the driveway he can now be with you instead of locked away. He can now go the soccer games instead of staying at home in the back yard. He can now be inside when guests are visiting without jumping all over them.

Again, we cannot emphasize enough that obedience awards freedom in the dog world. Your best friend will be forever grateful for this gift, and the bond you will build in the process is priceless.


Obedience should be fun, but also challenging for your dog, as they love challenges and learning.  The K9 Coach provides mental stimulation and that is key to their mental sanity. Just as important – obedience should NOT change your dog’s personality – if anything, it should help show it off. Obedience is the single most important ingredient for your dog to live a happy life. It provides a “language” for you and your dog to communicate through with words like Sit, Come, Down and Leave It.  The KEY with any obedience program is that your dog will do the commands around big distractions like strangers and other dogs or else they will be of little use to you. If you can trust your dog to “Come” every time you say come – then he will get to go more places, be off leash more, and run and play like dogs are designed to do! Dogs were not created to be confined 24/7.  They love freedom and being able to explore, and the only way your dog will be allowed this freedom is if they are well behaved. Obedience is great for abused or nervous dogs too – the confidence that it will provide them will be PRICELESS. Other things obedience will provide are: tons of mental stimulation, socialization, bonding experience, and many learning opportunities.


During this fun eight-week session you will be instructed on how to train your dog to be a better companion and to become better socialized. with other people and dogs.




  Walk On A Loose Lead




  Lie Down






  Leave It




    And More!  








Tuesday, January 14 to March 3, 2020


Tuesday, March 17 to May 5, 2020



Tuesday, May 26 to July 14, 2020


Tuesday August 4 to Sept. 22, 2020



Tuesday October 6 to Nov. 17, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment are required prior to class start date.     Please Mail Payments to:

                 Kathy Johnson        

                 820 Alice Ave.

                 York, NE  68467

The first class is orientation for owners only,so DO NOT bring your dog.  The last session includes a special recognition for you and your dog.  Your dog must be at least 4 months old and you must provide a copy of proof of current vaccinations at the orientation class.  If registration is greater than 9 students, the class may be split into two sessions, one early and late session (6:00 and 7:00 P.M.).  Classes are held at K9 Coach Training, 115 E. 4th Street, York, NE


Happy group of owners and dogs on graduation night!