"IN order to really Enjoy a DOG, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi HUMAN.  The point of it is to OPEN

ONESELF to the Possibility of

becoming partly a DOG."  ~Edward Hoagland

My style of dog training is designed to help you understand the manner in which your dog thinks.  There is no magic formula for training a dog.  With simple and consistant commands, patience and PRAISE, anyone who makes an effort can train their dog.  ~  Kathy Johnson
To provide quality dog training that will assist in developing a solid and unbreakable bond between owner and pet.


To advocate training methods that will best suit the dog and the handler without the use of abuse or extreme force.


To understand the reasons behind animal behavior when establishing training and communication between owner

and animal.


To successfully teach each owner how to train their dog.












Anna Ciccone-Ruppert

Norfolk, NE

"I will drive two hours OUT of my way ....Kathy does an AMAZING job and Varen loves it!!"

Patty Newman

Aurora, NE

"Thank you for your compassion for all dogs!"

Lisa Angle

York, NE

"Bubba and Mommy love K9 and Kathy!"

Pat Olsen

Waco, NE

"Kathy is an awesome lady!  We had so much fun and learned so much taking her basic obedience class.  I wanted my Diva dog to be well behaved and she has taught us how to accomplish that!"

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