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My dream to become involved with animals as a career started as a young child, while working in our family-owned kennel, Peke-Inn-Kennels, where my mom raised and sold Pekingese.  I started working towards my goal by spending time pouring over dog breed books memorizing the various breeds and their characteristics. My respect for animals also started as a child, as my parents were very adamant about teaching me that I must always treat animals with respect and kindness. While growing up with my four siblings and since raising my own family, we've also had parakeets, cockatiels, guinea  pigs, pet mice & rats, iguanas, chickens, ducks,  geese, cats, rabbits, a raccoon and many aquariums full of fish!


While raising my own two boys, I decided to pursue my dream of working with dogs further when I began working with a York County Sheriff's Department Rottweiler K-9 named Kodi, who joined our family in 1990.  Kodi was trained for demonstration work at local schools and organizations, handler protection and tracking and was with the department for five years.  During that time, she gave countless demonstrations to area school children and local organizations and was also involved in three felony tracks with two successful locates.


In 2007, I put my office and business management skills to good use by starting my own dog training business.  The business was expanded in 2008 and I began boarding dogs as well.


I furthered my knowledge and completed a year-long course receiving certification as a professional dog trainer/instructor.  I learned theory, behavior problem solving, aggression, ethology, puppy development, how to conduct and teach group classes, and how to safely handle and train dogs.  I also continued my education by attending a seminar presented by renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan and  have traveled the State, taking several obedience classes on my own with my own dog companions, Harley, my 12 year old MinPin, Kargo, my 11 year old Beauceron, Karma, My 2 1/2 year old Rottweiler and Abu, my 3 year old Min Pin.  My dogs are both fully trained in obedience and also know behaviors and tricks such as: crawl, play dead, hide and seek, high-five, bow, shake and rollover.  In addition, my first K9 Demo dog Dash (RIP Dasher girl), earned her Canine Good Citizen Certification in the fall of 2006 and Harley earned her Canine Good Citizen Certification in November of 2008.


In 2014, I sold the boarding part of the business and went back to just offering training classes. I now strongly recommend Animal Crackers in Seward, NE for your boarding needs.  Click on the "Dog Boarding" tab on the Menu for more information.  


I strongly encourage every dog owner to contact me so that you too, can enjoy the training process and celebrate in your dogs' successes! 


~ Kathy Johnson "The K9 Coach"

   Instructor/Dog Trainer


  In Memory of "Kodi"


I also volunteer for the Wildlife Rescue Team, Inc. which is a non-profit, all volunteer-based organization dedicated to the raising and rehabilitating of orphaned and injured wildlife from the state of Nebraska, with the goal being to release them back into the wild.  Please contact me if you find any wildlife in need of help.





"I modify my training methods based upon the personalities of the dog and the pet owner to help build a better bond between the two".